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The first geolocalized database of tap water

What is Tap Water Map?

TAPWATERMAP.org is a point-mapping program of water quality checking at households and implementation of innovative and participatory methodologies for quantitative and qualitative monitoring of drinking water microbiota.


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aerator- faucet aerator

The small device that mix-air into the water flow. These samples are used to characterize biofilm-forming microorganisms

Water samples

With and without different fixative reagents. Water samples are used to quantify microorganisms in tapwater.


1. Water quality Data ; 6 chemical parameters (Cl, No2.no3, So4, water hardness, Temp, pH+ 2 microbiological (presence/abence)
2. Meta Data (water installation system): temperature and pH at households – temperature and pH after 3 minutes- water flow
3. Point-mapping database

We are the water we drink

Technological Advancement and Participative processes for drinking Water Microbiota Assessment and Patenting

Be a citizen scientist in one of the most innovative program about tap water